River Arts District

What’s RAD about the River Arts District, you might ask? Well, everything. You’ll find outstanding local breweries, delicious food, coffee shops, clothing stores, art galleries, skateparks and so much more. 


River Arts District

The River Arts District (RAD) is the eclectic hub of the city of Asheville. It is a representation of the city’s past and present, where old factories, graffiti, art, bbq and picturesque views come together. RAD has evolved over the past 20 years and grown into a home for the many artists, artisans and merchants of Asheville.  

Come visit and see for yourself! There is so much to see and do–whether it be going on a gallery tour, sampling some of the amazing food or just wandering and finding your own hidden gem. It all begins at Foundy Street, the space where all of Asheville’s brightest talents come together as a collective to showcase their incredible creativity.  

The River Arts District
80 Years Ago
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The River Arts District hosts some of Asheville's best foods.
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Foundy Street Merchants

Check out the merchants and restaurants who call this area home

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