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Our Street

Foundy Street is a collective of variously talented misfits who came together into a central location of abandoned property that had been home to Asheville’s underground gala. We cleaned up and turned the lights back on, and invited our friends to call the space home to their studios, passions and crafts. Today, Foundy Street is home to Asheville’s River Arts District central community, filled with an abundance of things to do. Come by and check out what we do.

Eat & Drink

So we made this place cool… and then some of the best restaurants and bars in the country came and made it way cooler. If you’re just stopping for lunch, or the full dine, we got you.


We’re home to a wide variety of expertly crafted finds, from vintage boutiques to modern home goods. Come find your fit.

Artists &

Mixed media, collages, metals, glass, ceramics, sculptures, paintings, and a lot of interesting expressions… and we’re usually around making it, come peep in.

Have Some Fun

You can hang around, check out the graffiti and take some pics. Or you could hit the halfpipe. Your call

Our Merchants

The Heart & Soul of Foundy Street

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